Review on latest events

1. I finally decided to go for confirmation. And….after a large amount of sweat, tears, and little bit of blood I passed the Qualifying Examination and conferred to be Phd candidates with a good feedback on the presentation. Phew… I think I start to understand more about God’s providence, some of the results were only generated pretty late, about 4 days before the confirmation. The timing of patent filing is also match well with the presentation, thus make my project looks “better”. I forget to take picture after my presentation though šŸ˜¦

2. After confirmation has finished, what is next? I am preparing for a conference presentation and manuscript. My first piece of work will be published. Yay!! I am a bit worry though since I am afraid I don’t have enough time to gather more data and make it good. Work hard again!!

3. I am picking a new and long delayed hobby, photography! Will post some of the pictures soon. I have not gone to the extend of buying expensive camera with superb quality though. I still want to improve my skill first and we will see how later.

4. Secretly, I am longing to have more time for doing figure skating. This hobby is pretty expensive, but if I want to be really serious, I better start now before it is too late.

5. I and two Phd mates are going to Mount Bromo tomorrow. I hope we can relax and I can enjoy my trip back home. šŸ™‚


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