After a pretty long period of down time, things starts to get better nowadays. I have decided to give confirmation a try. The journey of writing the report itself has been a good experience to me. I found out that by writing, you actually able to define the problem more and make you think of a way to solve it.

I also like the improvement in communication that I have with my supervisor during writing of my confirmation report. Eventhough the expectation for confirmation report is way higher than FYP report, I feel more and more challenged to improve my report until my professors said that the report is fine for confirmation. Yay!! I start to understand the working style for my supervisor. I find that his guiding type is actually suitable for the students who have known more about the technique and the project itself because he’s very creative and innovative in solving problems. However, if you are a new student who doesn’t know anything about the project, most likely you will feel like thrown into a deep pool without being able to swim because he won’t teach you systematically how to obtain your result step by step.

Other thing that make me happier is because I stop telling myself that I need to graduate in this and this year. It’s not helpful. I think what could be helpful is smaller research goal that will lead you to achieve a certain goal that I have set. For example, I want to publish a paper in three or four months. I start to make a timeline what are the things that I want to do to achieve that goal with what I have at this moment (I really hope I can publish :P)