I feel really thankful today. In recent days, I have felt in quite a bad mood due to confusion of either converting to master or just keep on doing Phd.
With my lack of ability to make crucial decision, it has somehow turned out to be rather unhealthy. I realized that I focus too much on myself. I have tried various way to distract myself from this nudging thought yet they are unsuccessful.

Nevertheless, I feel thankful to God that He has given me the chance to hear someone sharing his life experience. It started with a simple question from me to a fellow Phd student. I ask whether he worked somewhere else before he did his Phd. He said yes, but before he start schooling. I thought it was after his senior high school, but turned out it was after his junior high school and he worked for several years.

I don’t know whether it’s common in other country, but somehow I feel ashamed. I should have been thankful to be able to go to school all the way from primary school to university. Even that I can do Phd until now is actually a big blessing, despite my keep-on questioning-whether-this-is-right-or-not for me throughout.

So, no conclusion yet, no decision yet. But I feel thankful for everything that has been happened so far 🙂


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