The last chapter?

I am not sure if this is going to be the last chapter in my current postgraduate life. After thinking through, asking various people and get information, I have been almost 80 % convinced that I will terminate this Phd candidature. The rest 20 % is due to financial matter, whether or not I still can work in the project, etc.

The project is going okay. We start having budding results that could lead to one-two or maybe three publications next year. It’s pretty surprising that I found myself more convinced to leave after we got some good results compared to when I am still struggling to get them. Maybe this is just an ego matter and paiseh matter as well. =.=

The reason why I decide not to continue the Phd are both career and personal causes. At this moment, I see that doing Phd is not inline with my planned career but inhibiting it instead. Therefore, I think it’s a better decision to graduate with Master degree and start to equip myself with what are necessary. If I need Phd in the future, I don’t mind doing it again for sure. It could be fun ūüôā¬†However, I wish that I still can do the project for some times to publish and fulfill the bond. The financial side could be settle easier as well if I am still permitted to hold the same position.¬†

Will talk with my Professor¬†tomorrow¬†and see how it goes…



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