After two years of join in the Phd program and work in the research “industry”, I start to think of the possibility of terminating it and do something else. I have known the pros and the cons of being a researcher, what the people try to pursue and find it somehow unsuitable with my own values.

I enjoy working in the lab, try to make new stuff, problem solving and think critically. The colleague are nice though the pressure are high. However, I found out that I am not that interested in producing tons of paper and work like hell for that. There is a kind of nudging feeling recently that I should be able to spend my time in a better way. Maybe I am just not that researcher type enough to be able to bear with this kind of job condition.

After my confirmation, I am thinking of finding out a job out there and see if there is anything suitable for me if I got my master degree 🙂
We will see…


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