Another crossroad?!? Again?!

Yeah, Phd. The struggle to put the two word of “D” and “r” in front of my name is not easy. When I look back at this point, I feel like a failed chef. Or is that why we are called researcher instead of chef?

Basically, when I start doing this project, I was told that my aim is to study how addition of ingredients A affect the taste of food B. However, when I jump into the project, I found that how to cook the food B itself has been quite complicated, interesting and more important to study. Thus, what I am more interested to do now is more into modifying the food B rather than bring ingredients A into the picture. Especially since I will need to search throughout the world to actually find suitable ingredients A for food B. At this moment, I also find out that while trying to test ingredients A, I and my senior chef are heading to make something different that is called food C. In conclusion, when I was asked to see the effect of ingredients A, I end up with going deeper on food B, and on the way of making food C instead. Oh my….What my guests will say abt the food?!

Anw, the problem I am facing now is:

1. Whether modifying the food B will be considered fancy and novel enough for the judges?

2. Whether my chef boss aprove my sudden shift of interest and focus? From our last conversation, it seems that he still insist me to study ingredients A instead.



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