It’s another sequence of unsucessful efforts. This is the time when I feel that research is sucks and wish that I am not doing this job. But I don’t want to waste more of myself to think about unecessary stuff. Be focus, counter failure with creativity and keep on trying. Your progress depend on yourself, not other people. Take charge and stand up!

July updates

. I have just gone to Siem Reap, Cambodia for a short trip!!! I went there with Marvin and Weinny (My roomate). It was a very awesome trip! Cambodia was very nice and really exceed our expectations. We visited Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Bayon, Baphuon, Banteay Srei, Banteay Samre, Terrace of the Elephants and other temples that I didn’t really remember the name. Every temple has its own unique history, style and materials that make the journey very interesting. I feel like being an adventurer in the middle of wild jungle and finding some ancient temple ruin. Indiana Jones! Yiha….We also visited the Ton Le Sap Lake, which is a really nice floating village (we thought it would look like Ciliwung river in Jakarta). Overall, I feel very relax and energized after my trip there!

Things learn from the trip:

– Where there is quality, there is price to be paid. If you want to inherit legacy, do it with everything in high quality. The temples ruin that still exist in good shape until today was the one with the highest quality stone. ^^

– Don’t rush, walk slower, do the job slower, you will have a more peaceful mind and better work. I feel happier there when I don’t do stuff in such a rush.

2. July is my birthday month, and I will be 24 in exactly 3 days! Hehe..I haven’t planned for anything but I might want to buy spring bed, so that I can have a good sleep after a “working like a good scientist day” in the lab. I wish I can change some of my bad habits also in the following year. For example,┬áconsciously┬áput stuff back on its place, better daily routine, and eat healthier food. As I join research, I think more and more of my body as a “physical” vessels that need good care to function well.

3. I realized from long time ago that I was a pessimist, hopefully not yet a fatalist. I am afraid of failure and I feel that failure will only bring subsequent infinite bad things. I tend to fix my gaze on negative things of something, this make me doesn’t want to try a new stuff unless I am more or less 80% sure about. Thanks to my Prof, he is a kind of very optimistic type of people who keep on motivating me to go ahead despite the road seems unclear and got lots of problem. Research also has taught me something about failure that I wasn’t really able to understand before: Learn from the failure and improve, don’t just move on without learning anything.