Wow, it has been so long that I never written in this blog again. Hehe..

Well…I will just jot down some of the recent updates:

  1. See a bit of light on my Phd project, after dramatically changing my method (in desperation..gosh. Glad that God heard my prayer). However, we are still in optimization stage. Yes, we= I and an Indonesian postdoc. It’s more fun and I feel better to work with someone rather than working alone. We work quite hard this few months and I just hope that we can deliver something good.
  2. Recently I think I get myself a bit overworked that I get bored with my research. I even think what if I open a backpacking hostel and be a novel writer rather than being a researcher. Burried myself on the lab for almost 12 hours a day, sigh…Well, maybe I just need a bit of holiday. Go go go….!!
  3. Something interesting going on my family. I still don’t know whether it will be good or bad. I will just keep on praying and see how it goes.

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