This post was written on 14.8.2011, 3 days before I commit myself in a relationship. Will that really happen? So far, it’s quite clear that both of us want this relationship to take place. I hope nothing change the decision in the last minutes since it would mean something big happen that drastically change our decision.I plan to post this after I really committed 🙂

So, today I take some time to enjoy my last few days as a single. I went to starbuck in Jurong Point to study. Unexpectedly, I meet a colleague, the senior scientist in my department with his family (he was with his cute little daughter and his wife). After basa-basi, I start to observe them (from just 1 table away lolz). Suddenly, melancholic waves strike on me. Masyaolo, 3 hari lagi udah mau memulai mengambil langkah yang menjurus ke arah kehidupan seperti meja sebelah. Masih kaga kepikir benernya. Gimana ya….Hahaha…Well, I might think too far. I hope that the changes take place in my life once I start the journey will be gradual and not so abrupt.

Anyway, I will just see what happen in three days.

Dipost 15 hari sesudahnya =.=


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