I’ve been starting the age of 23 since 12th July! Wow, I have been in this world for 23 years plus. That’s amazing. Hahaha..This year is the normalest and happiest birthday ever for me. I can celebrate my birthday with my housemates, fyp mates, and dinner with some other close friends. My family also wish me happy birthday and my father wish me to get fatter (woa, this is difficult). I get myself a watch to celebrate my birthday. I hope I can come more on time for every event I need to attend. Above all, I need to say thank you to the Lord since He has allowed and blessed me to stay in this world for these years.

Furthermore, I take the offer to join a very important adventure. Honestly, I still feel quite nervous when I think about that. However, I think it is the right thing to do, so just see how it goes.My wish for this year is that I can make everyone around me feel blessed, since I feel that God has blessed me so greatly 🙂


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