In two weeks-previous post

I have just realized that I blog in the wrong blog =.= This should be the post before the Huhu post.

My boss has hinted me that my main project will be “reprioritized” and she asked me to move on to another project. She gave me 2 weeks time to show proof of concept, and some experimental results. Otherwise, I will need to change my direction soon (again). Sigh.

Personally, I understand that this project is not a simple task. I would need to build everything from scratch and I myself am not confident. Furthermore, there is a different interest between the Prof that gave me the project and my current supervisor. The one who gave me the project seems not interested with any paper or publication, while my supervisor is very interested in publication. I understand that the old Prof is old and famous enough that he rather do something unusual rather than playing safe research project. If it is fail, no lose while if it is successful, glory will follow.  Meanwhile, my supervisor is still young and won’t take such a risk. For me, my Phd destiny is at stake. Haha…

I bring this matter into prayer and I have decided to give my best during this two weeks, making possible setup and data. Of course, I hope that I can convince my supervisor that this project can be done. But, we will see how. In case I need to shift to another project, well, no lose :)

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