Strength: cheerful, approachable, good listener, sensitive, good talker, adventurous, loyal friends, courageous, strong, caring, love sports, friendly, deep thinker, practical, adaptable, hard worker, resourceful, effective, witty humour.

Weakness: couldn’t explain things well, easily get stressed, dishonest, bar-bar, indecisive, untidy, pessimistic, emotionally unstable, think too much, indulge myself in various strange thought, not confident,impulsive, too straightforward, too serious, witty humour.

Wow, some years back, I even couldn’t make such a list. Or if I make one, the second part will be much longer than the first one, sign of lack of confidence. Hahaha..great that I know myself better and realized that I have grown since that time. 🙂


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