1. Lab accident happened, lithium caught fire in one of our lab. My boss get headache. I still think that the people are overexcited about that accident. I just hope that the review process won’t take very long. We need to work. Hoho…

2. Perlu belajar mengontrol emosi serta menerapkan 3C saat bekerja. Iri ma cowo-cowo di grup saya. Tahu sih kalau mereka juga ngerasa terganggu sama salah satu temen kerja, tapi mereka bisa ga gt frontal dan kebawa emosi kalau ngomong ma tuh orang. Sedangkan saya masih kelihatan berapi-api, ditambah saya bar-bar juga. Klop lah. Well, mungkin gara-gara cowo-cowo itu udah jauh lebih tua dan experienced juga kali ya dibanding saya. Satu hal yang pasti saya tidak mau membawa masalah di tempat kerja terlalu jauh sampe-sampe langit-langit di rumah berasa gelap.

3. My advisor is crazy, yet has very interesting idea. One of my friend said that people could be insane in two stages of life: when they are very young or when they are very old that they have nothing to lose yet or anymore.  Well, I and my advisor seems fall nicely into that category, thus this project could take place. A naive and empty headed fresh Phd student paired with old expert genius Professor. I think it’s going to be an interesting journey, whatever the result is. Honestly I don’t feel confident doing this project, haha… However, I will just embrace this project with courage, it might takes me to another exciting adventure.

4. Religion and God has been a sensitive issue for me since sometimes ago. I could easily acknowledge that God is good, He has miraculously set me free from my chronic problems. However, I still sort of couldn’t understand why in heaven He let such a big mess takes place in my life. Haha..I am still hurt somehow. It feels like I am afraid of praying and thinking too much about God as it will invoke not-so-nice experience like disappointment and hopelessness. Somehow, I kind of surprised that God thought I am ready to be led through that kind of so deep and dark valley. That was a “too exciting” journey. Meanwhile, I understand that I am not in position of complaining and just believe that God knows what’s good for me. Well, maybe just emotional things that will subside over time.

5. Insomnia strikes again recently. Just sleep for 2-4 hours these days and suddenly awake. Huhu…Don’t really know what’s the cause, whether it’s physical or mental, since I feel that I am not really stressed out at this moment. Or maybe I don’t take enough food before sleeping? Aaa…I think I know what’s the cause as I am writing this. Lack of exercise. I never has any sleep difficulties since I hit the gym, even in the stressful situation I still can sleep very well. I take a break since I am busy with my own matters for this one month. Ok, go back to the gym!!


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