Went to casino today, and win 50 % of the money I invested (it’s just 20 bucks). I win in my first bet, and after winning I quickly went out of the casino. Run away from temptation!! Haha.. my father called it “menang mblebet”. I don’t really understand what he means, but I think he refer to something like “run away after winning”. Now I can understand a bit why people can be so addicted to gambling. I acknowledge that the feeling of winning the bet is very hillarious, plus you can see that your money can be doubled very quickly and easily (by just guessing pictures, numbers, etc). For a short while, I even think that it might be a nice way to earn money. Hahaha…

After all, stay away from gambling!! Except you are the one who open the casino, I don’t think there will be any real financial benefit from gambling 🙂


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