In His Time

Hoho…posting this post because Mr. Indra Kristanto kept on saying “in His time” during a chat session with me. He has reminded me that I have always wanted to write about this topic, but keep on delaying to write it.

Well, I wasn’t really understand what it means by “in His time” before, until I experienced it myself. Last year I was led (or feel like being forced? as I never had that plan on my mind) to go back to Indonesia. It was not a wholly pleasant experience for me, even the other way round,  but I couldn’t deny that it was fruitful and exciting. Haha…even when I try to check and see it objectively.

Last year I was in this ulu little town called Mojokerto, trying to build a shop, buying and selling clothes, being cheated by shop assistant, arguing with some construction workers, etc. What bother me was only the welfare of my staffs, how to make profit, how to attract customer, and build the shop as fast as possible. And today, here I am in Singapore, pursuing Phd, thinking about atoms, electrons, and complicated chemistry as if they are the most important things in this world. It was a big contrast in my life, but I enjoy that so far. I think God has let me go back to Singapore after I have learned what I need to learn in Indonesia.

This experience makes me believe in God more, though I am sure sometimes I will doubt Him, especially when life is sucks. But I’ve got one extra reason to believe in God’s way and plan after my adventure last year.He will make things good in His time, yes I believe it. Actually, this believe has been resulted in hope that has kept on motivating me during difficult time.

I remember last year my FYP supervisor ask me after my graduation, ” Olivia, what’s your plan?” (He more or less know my condition at that time) and I was only able to reply him, “No plan this time, Sir. My plan is only to walk and see how it goes”. Luckily he is wise enough not to make me become more kanciong by forcing me to make a plan.

When I look back and see, I know that God is good and His plan is above my plan. Even when I have no plan, He still led me to follow His plan. He has directed me somehow in His way and for that I only can say, “Thank you”.


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