Some edited quote from my prof during class session (gak inget tepatnya kaya apa).

The professor is a rather short cute middle aged man 😛


“People said that short people is not good, because the blood circulation is short, therefore the heart is subjected to a lot of pressure and make them prone to heart attack. Difficult to get girlfriend also.”


Didn’t say anything but look at the professor a bit pitifully (nih orang curcol ya?)


Seems that he realized what we thought, “No, no, no, not me, I am married and have children. hahaha….



Notice in front of researcher office:

“Our researcher is working, please do not knock the glass door or use flash photograph”

Why does it sound like in the zoo? >.<


1. I feel like I have too many Phd projects in hand now and feel a bit overwhelmed. I have tried to prioritize, but still feel the pressure. I guess this is due to I couldn’t settle the problems in one shot (need to wait from other vendor, researcher, etc). Well, need to learn to control the thought and motivation while solving the problems.

2. Honestly find that my motivation and work output is a bit in tune with the following charts, especially for the weekly meeting with advisor. One day before the weekly meeting usually I feel quite tense, use a lot of my brain and muscle (to conduct experiment, repeat data, and analyzing). However, after the meeting usually I become quite slack, and take sometimes off to compensate the hectic period the day before. >.<

3. Exam is coming! One exam only but the exam is pretty tough. See how it goes, just prepare!

Give thanks

Would like to say thank you to God, that everything is not as bad as I expected.

What I was afraid of happening is not coming into reality.

Furthermore, I got an exciting yet crazy project from my professor.

For sure, I will learn a lot from this person and this project. LIKE IT!

I can only give thanks to God, I am supervised by a good professor from US, when I choose to take Phd in Singapore.

Well..even if I go to US, I am not sure if I will have a chance to meet this kind of supervisor.

Anyway, I think things gonna be tougher from now on. No slacking, focus2.

Excessive sleep

Finding myself sleep excessively and don’t want to wake up these few days. OK, I know that it is a sign of stress. Based on my experience, usually this is happened because I am stress-afraid. This means that I don’t know how I should solve the problem ahead of me, but I know it will pass pretty soon. Means that unconsciously my body assume that by sleeping a lot and wasting the time, that period will feel soon be passed through.  Yes, the puzzle fit in.

I am going to face something that will seem fun for most people but not in the actual scenario this weekend. I just hope that I will survive and can do something good. Will pray and give everything to God. No need to be excessively kanciong and responsible, anyway I am not alone facing that. But well, the pressure is still there.