Cycling to the end

Early this month, I joined the OCBC cycling. It was 40 km cycling, with around 10 thousand participants. One day before the event, actually I have planned not to join it. This was because I was feeling not very well on the beginning of the week and the place that I have previously “booked” to rent the bicycle suddenly said that they can not let someone book anymore coz there are too many demand (my bad that I confirm my booking too late).

So, I was faced with not-so-healthy problem plus no-bike-to ride for race. Then, one day before the event I went to the competition place to collect the cycling kit. In the middle of indecisiveness whether I want to join the race or not, I tried my luck by asking around the people who join the previous race whether I can borrow their bicycle. I bumped to a family of aunt, uncle, and their daughter. Then I asked them if I can borrow their daughter bicycle for tomorrow race. And they said yes! Of course after asking my identity, staff card, take my picture, as well as my hand phone number. I feel very happy!!

Then, the next day. I successfully cycled for 40 km, with minor accident. And I really wonder how can I cycle for that far. Then I found that might be caused by the presence of other participants. I do feel tired during that 40 km. Sometimes I want to stop and just quit. But the presence of other participants that also keep on cycling to the finish line has helped me a lot in motivating myself to reach the finish line. They struggle the same distance, though they might be equipped with better properties and skill or maybe less of them. But what really matter is reaching the final rite? (It’s not a competition anyway. hehe…)

Isn’t it the same with life? Sometimes I feel like give up with this life, when things has gone wrong so bad that I can not cope. But hey…there are other people that also living this life. Well, their condition might be better than you but also can be worse. But they keep on living.  And you know what, maybe…by showing that you can still have a good spirit though your life is hard is a pretty inspiring things to do. You might be able to cheer others up or and give support to someone in their down period.

Then, after that…actually I need to return the bike to the good uncle and aunty that has lend their daughter bike to me. But bad things happen! The taxi that told me at previous day that they can bring bicycle said that they won’t carry the bicycle unless I can take out the bicycle wheels. What?? Huhu…in the end I decided to cycle all the way from F1 pit to Bukit Batok with the guidance of my iphone. The distance was said to be 15 km and I spent about 3 hours. Part of the long hour was because I get lost twice, need to cross the street, and waited for the traffic lamp. Haha…The good aunty and uncle’s house was in a hilly region also so it was quite a challenging road. But what motivates me not to stop and keep on cycling was the feeling of responsibility to return the bike to the owner and say thank you to them. And when I have arrived on their place, they greeted me and gave me drinks and cookies. They were so surprised to hear my story also. haha..

Hmm…ok, take the moral of the story to the spiritual level.  Isn’t this bicycle looks like our life that has been lent by God to us? And isn’t is our responsibility to return it to the owner in good shape? And on the way to return it, we must have faced many obstacles. We may need to turn around, ask someone, get hit, confuse, scolded, etc. But keep the spirit up! Sometimes we might feel doubtful, lost, hopeless, down, dissapointed and many other things. But just remember that when we have reached the final line well, God will wait for us smiling.

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day–and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing. (2 Timothy 4:6-7)


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