1.  I have worked for one month! Wiwww…..Still enjoy that although NTU has make me so bored that I seriously considered doing Phd in other place. Just can not imagine to work at NTU for 4 years.

2. I have impulsively bought  a return air ticket to Laos for SGD 100 only at October. Whatever, if no one wants to join me, I will go by myself. 🙂

3. Joined the OCBC cycling for 40 km and cycled for another 15 km to return the bike to the owner. Well, great adventure for first time cycling.

4. I admire one of the post doc in my group. He is so skillful and knowledgeable!! Awesome person. haha..wish to be a good researcher like him.

5. This month is my mom’s birthday, to be specific, tomorrow. Will call her later. haha…


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